creation myth

Creation of concepts

In the time before time, there was chaos and void: all and nothing. With no order, there was no separate existence. All was one.

Then the first law came into being. No idea may change another idea.

Concepts sprang from the void. Pure ideas, they lived without form or time. There was only one law of reality: no eidolon could in any way dominate, control, contain, or curtail another. Their thoughts were their own. They were eidolons.

The idea of a world

One eidolon thought as follows: we can now think. But none of us can change each other. And everything around us changes itself. We change it, but its own transformations wipe ours away instantly. There is no way for us to see how our ideas may interact. Let us create a new idea. A place that is stable but whose rules may be changed by any of us, so that we may see how our ideas interact and what new eidolons may be created.

But each eidolon was different and none could change another, so none took in this idea. None agreed, for agreement was not yet possible.

Creation of Koltec

The One Prophet, for so did this eidolon come to be known, spoke the First Prophecy. Though the words of the prophecy were lost as it was spoken—there being no one to hear it—the First Prophecy set in motion all that is. It speaks of life, and of death. It grants all things a beginning, and in so doing, sets an end for all things.

In His image were created the dragons of old, to live out the dreams of The One Prophet.

A time passed. Observing his creations, The One Prophet determined the traits that he wanted and those that he did not. And so he purified and set aside the Royal Dragons from the elder dragons.

The One Prophet observed the first fault with his great creation. Like the void, there was no shared independent existence in the creation. The dragons were unable to interact, to change, or to grow. And so spoke he the Second Prophecy. He spoke such:

The three great virtues of dragonkind—Intelligence, Instinct, and Determination—shall be made manifest. Each of these three shall become a great being, and of their pure essences shall come to be a World of independent existence. This world shall be Koltec – the essence of dragon.

So were spawned beings from, around, and of the Royal Dragons. These were the three Lords of the Land: Phoenix, Kraken, and the Mountain King. Each of the Lords then created a race in its image. These are the Elder Races: the great eagles, great orcas, and great bears. The prophecy bound these lords into a great cycle and so was the world created.

The Lords of the Land then created the many beasts of the field, sea, and air, that the world may be populated. Beasts both animal and magical were created at this, the dawn of the world.

The entrance of the gods

The One Prophet now showed his creation to the other eidolons. Seeing it, of themselves many came to desire entry into the world. But the world was still an idea of the One Prophet. They could not enter it, nor could they change it.

So the eidolons asked the Royal Dragons to make versions of them in the world. So were created the gods: created by the Royal Dragons based on their understanding of the foreign eidolons.

Now, finally, were ideas able to interact. The eidolons stepped back and began simply to observe how this world would turn out.

Creation of the lesser races

The first action of nearly every god was to create a race in its image. As the gods were created within the world, so were their creations circumscribed. These became known as the lesser races.

As with the Dragons, each god created a race and then extracted from it a pure essence. This pure form became the Royal race for each race.

From here on, accounts begin to differ. Each time, location, and storyteller takes a different direction on the times to come.

creation myth

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