An Allegorical Tale

Isobel likely witnessed this story. Depending on how we interweave our backgrounds, other players may have been there too.

In a London pub.

Thurgrim is showing Isobel one of his prize possessions. A gas powered “minor’s lamp”. A device fitted into a headband that shines light wherever you are looking… great for fine mechanical work.

A man, apparently of means, at a nearby table takes notice of it and comes over. After some admiring words, his attitude turns hard and he says “See here *Dwarf*… I will have that”.

Thugrim responds, “Aye… m’lord. It is your right to have it, but I humbly ask ye do not take it as I can do mamy fine works… for fine gentlemen such as yerself… with this trinket.”

The young noble motions towards his table and several personal guards approach

Noble: I have no doubt you might entertain fighting my men, but I can assure you the London Constabulary can be here within minutes on my command… now see here

…and he extends his hand. Thurgrim grimly hands over the light.

Understandably Thurgrim excuses himself for the evening. But not before a brief conversation with the bar keep. For those that try they can hear Thurgrim inquire about the identity of the young noble… a Lord John Helms, then he leaves, returning a short while later. Shortly thereafter Lord Helms leaves and Thurgrim’s mood lightens… he even slips Isobel enough gold to buy a drink for everyone in the house, boisterously celebrating with the London crowd.

As the night seems to wind down, Lord Helms returns, but bloody and battered. He is followed by the London constables and points angrily at Thurgrim, there he is… ARREST HIM. “Aye m’lord”, responds the captain, “is this the fellow that attacked you and your guards?” “Yes…I mean no…I mean I did not see him… but he took the headband… it must have been him!”

Everyone on the bar attests Thurgrim was there the entire time, leaving the Captain no choice.. “M’lord”, the captain languidly intones, “we can take him in, but without any witnesses and without any evidence the magistrate will likely just remand him back to his master”

BEGONE!” Lord Helms annoyingly dismisses the guard and storms out.

Thurgrim follows out quickly. He grabs a wrapped parcel from a young boy seemingly passing by, but the boy makes no complaint and keeps walking. Thurgrim then quietly calls “Lord Helms” and motions to a dark corner.

“I have no business with you!” Lord Helms snaps.

“Aye, ye be right m’lord” Thurgrim replies as he unwraps the parcel… the miner’s light… and places it on his head. Lord Helms gapes. Thurgrim continues, “you see m’lord, I be thinking that whoever attacked you… it would have been a lot easier for them to just kill you… no ranting to the captain, no pointed accusations…. So…..”, he ponders, “I be guessing the fact that you still are living… maybe someone wants you to learn something”… and with that Thurgrim turns and walks away.



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