Dace Connor

I always wanted to be...a Ranger.


Dace Connor is the young scion of one of the Lairds of Clan Connor. A rugged sort, good with bow, blade, honesty, and discipline, he always wanted to be a Ranger. Too bad the Rangers require one to repudiate one’s home clan and his Father wants him to be a Clan Laird.

So he’s a book keeper instead. Learning the business that he will one day lead.

Or, at least, that’s what he was until Subtlety and Tact entered town.

Now a third of his clan is dead, along with both of his parents and another one of the 3 clan Lairds. He has been elevated early to Laird. With no third around, his elder cousin (and sole surviving Laird from the previous generation) retains two votes. So while he is Laird, he has no real power.

But he isn’t up to dealing with that right now. First he has to lay his parents to rest. Then he has to heal his clan. Then he has to do something about this bet that led to the destruction of his family. And for that, he may need to become sole Laird of Connor – it is certain that his cousin will not back out of the bet.

Dace Connor

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