Short and rubenesque, with dark auburn hair and eyes the color of fine dark chocolate. Ashe is searching for a genuine ecstatic experience - and wow is she having fun along the way. Irrepressible, sparkling, and insatiable.


Toughness:2, Stamina:2, Will:2, Actions:2


Flesh Manipulation (@6): Ashe can rearrange flesh; this can heal, harm, or just alter

I Put a Spell on You (@6): Ashe can manipulate the thoughts of others – influence emotion, plant suggestions, read thoughts/emotion, send messages. Customizable, Flexible, Subtle, Single Use

Ecstatic Aura (@5): When threatened, Ashe inspires an ecstatic state in those who threaten her. Flexible. Unpredictable. Reflection. Bare Handed

Experiential Research (@5): Ashe gains greater understanding of her abilities and powers through seeking out intense or extremely novel experiences. Pain, pleasure, ecstatic, religious


Iron Stomach (@4): Years of drinking bouts and experimenting with various substances has left Ashe with an uncanny ability to shrug off drug effects

Joyful Girl (@5): Ashe is fun to be around. Even when she’s not talking, those around her feel lighter in her presence

Cassocks are Hot (@4): Ashe’s obsession with religious experience has left her with a wealth of knowledge about religion, mysticism, and the supernatural

Take a Look at These (@5)


Mild drug addiction (weak addiction to easy-to-obtain substance)
Lack of Subtlety: Ashe is awesome, but she’s definitely a direct person


As a child, Ashe had a religious ecstatic experience one cold day in church. Since then, she’s been trying to get back to that place – drugs, sex, meditation, dance – you name it, Ashe has probably tried it. She’s still searching, though.

Ashe comes from a large family in a small village at the foothill of the mountains. She still visits her family when she can, but she tries to hide the tats and piercings – they don’t really know what her lifestyle is like. Ashe works for the Circus of the Stars, doing a vaudeville-esque knife throwing act.

More to follow later.


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