The Witch Queen's Shopping List

Antonius Longinus Serperatus, Research Assistant To Pontius III, bearer of the Light of Truth,


Our survey team uncovered this torn fragment of parchment from a site just outside of Canterbury. We believe it to be a genuine letter written by one of the chosen. Restoration and analysis is still in progress, but here’s what we’ve been able to make out thus far:

(The parchment is brittle, yellowed, dirty, and covered with thin-web like cracks, all over it. Upon it’s surface, the barest impressions of spidery scribbles (some sort of list) are visible, like veins on an old man’s arm.)


You know I wouldn’t ask this of you if it weren’t absolutely necessary. I know that these men and supplies are costly, more costly than I could ever imagine. I promise on my mother’s life that I will repay you if you find the way to acquire them, when we make our way to Dorset.

20 Strong Porters
10 Men At Arms to hold the line
At least 6 Jars of Witchfire
5 Fences with tight lips
500 ft of strong hempen rope
15 Metal Hooks

I believe, sir that this note represents the first portent of the grim events that occurred not much later in Dorset, during the end of the Sixth Age, prior to the day of the gods. I humbly request additional funds (two crowns should be sufficient) to fund excavations in the immediate area of the Canterbury site, and to send a team to Dorset to investigate the ruins there.

I am as always your humble servant,



Additional funds are approved. Withdraw then from the nearest Army Paymaster as needed.

— Porius

The Witch Queen's Shopping List

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