Wynfor Toov

Elven Half-Giant finding his way in the world.


Wynfor Toov, Roger’s Man, Heir to Face of the Masquerade
T2 S2 W3 A2
NP 05 NS 04

P@8 – Knows Facts He Shouldn’t [Magic!]
(D: Equipment Required – The Books)
P@8 – (Power up to:) Knows Facts He Couldn’t [Magic!]
(A: Customizable and Flexible)
(D: Equipment Required – The Books)
P@4 – Faster Learner (Magical Defense, Active)
S@5 – Arcane Research [for powering up Magic!]
S@6 – Lies for Fun and Profit
S@8 – Educated to the nth Degree
S@6 – Perfect Recall
S@5*- Rank with Thieves and Scum
S@5*- Always a Friend in the Business
(@8 when willing to trade favors)

Restrictions: Balance the Books to snapshot.
Delayed for post-snapshot.
+3: Wynfor’s Portable Library


Raised mostly in isolation by his Giant mother (author) and Elven father, Wynfor is well educated, but knows little of the outside world’s poor race relations. He is of the age at which he feels he should choose a quest for his life, but being not that old by elven standards, has no clue yet what. Wynfor has joined the alehouse trio in the circus of the sun to see more of the world and gather enough experience to focus his life.

Wynfor Toov

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