Goldenbeard dwarf; a drunk, a glutton and a rogue… taking little seriously


Hero Template

Initial Boosts: 3+1 Bonus
Total Boosts earned: 7
Boosts to spend: 0
Boosts spent
1. Add Power: Die, Just Die
2. Increase Power Level: Physiokinetic Disruption
3. Add Power: Plausible Deniability
4. Increase Power Level: Earth Walk
5. Increase Power Level: Earth Walk
6. Add Shticks: 2 of them: Earth Sense, Bar Fly
7. Increase Power Level: Shadow Snatch

Tough 3
Will 2
Stamina 2

Actions 3 2 (original) + 1 (Roger’s Oath)

MAGIC words: Rogue, Builder

Template: 3 @ 5 (new @5)

- Physiokinetic Disruption @5 -1 +1 +1 = @6 [attack]
○ The body is yet a another machine. Leveraging its own hydraulics and joint mechanics against itself renders it inoperable… sometimes painfully
○ Subtle (A): done swiftly and smoothly enough, no one, not even the recipient will know what happened… save for the effect
○ Equipment Required (D): Without slender daggers or picks, one must rely on pressure and force, which is less effective
○ 1 Boost to increase 1 level

- Die, Just Die @5 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 -1 = @9 [magic, attack]
○ The assassin thoughts – die quickly, die silently, just die! – made manifest
○ This can be combined with Physiokinetic Disruption, as the former allows targeting of Chi points
○ Will bypass physical defenses. Mental and magical defenses are effective
○ Limited (D) Target must not be aware of the attacker. e.g. Attacker must be hidden, or target asleep, etc
○ Slow (D) 2 actions to use
○ Single Use (DD) single use in combat, and “no more than once every 5 minutes or so” out of combat
○ Side Effects (D) Sometimes the assassin’s thoughts are not focused and strange things happen
○ Delayed (D) may take this, pending rules clarification
○ Subtle (A)
○ 1 Boost to buy

- Hard as Nails @5 automatic [defense]
○ Dwarf, plus been around the square a few times, plus preserved by alcohol

- Plausible Deniability @5 automatic [magic, defense]
○ Thurgrim doesn’t buy all this rubbish about magic
○ Defends against magical effects
○ 1 Boost to buy

- Earth Walk @5 -1 +1 +2 = 1 @7
○ Aside from has natural deft movement, Thurgrim can meld into the earth, or any earth/stone/metal object touching the earth, and re-emerge elsewhere
○ This enables him to move stealthily, slip bonds and grapples, enter buildings, etc
○ Subtle (A): where’d he go? he was standing right there a moment ago
○ Limited (D): “solid (non-living) object” restriction means will not work in situations such as when flying, or held aloft by a creature
○ 2 Boost to increase 2 level

Template: 4 @4, new @4

- Disassembly @4 +1 = @5 [magic]
○ Disable mechanical devices, this includes lock-picking
○ Find obscure passages and tunnels, sometimes even create them
○ Works only with worked structures and man-made machines
○ Equipment Required (D): tools

- Member of The Five @4 +2 = @6
○ Dirty deeds, done sometimes dirt cheap… sometimes more expensively
○ Can contact and hire The Five cells to execute jobs. Sometimes this may be repaying a favor to Thurgrim to free, other times someone Thurgrim may need to spend a lot of coin to allay past frictions.
○ Burnout (DD)… and sometimes all the money in the world won’t get him the cooperation of certain individuals in certain cells

- Dwarf of means @4 +1 = 1 @5
○ Has made a lot of money and has stashes in all major metropolitan centers, safely (for now) stored (for a fee) with cells of The Five
○ Has access to wealth resources equivalent of a highly successful merchant or minor noble.
○ Limited (D): Only in the major cities

- Shadow Snatch @4 +1 +1 = @6 [magic]
○ Surprising for a Dwarf, Thurgim’s stubby fingers move nimbly
○ His reach can somehow span distances – as far as he can see
○ Can pick pockets, prestidigitate, and apply fine manual manipulation
○ High Maintenance [D] This can’t be… how can this be possible… if I drink enough I don’t need to think about it (must get drunk within the last 24 hours, or the power will not function)
○ 1 Boost to increase 1 level

- Earth Sense @4 +1 = 1 @5 [magic]
○ Notice approach of any creature while terrestrial
○ Know location of terrestrial creatures
○ Limited (D): only works when I and targets are connected to the Earth or earth/stone/metal connected to the earth
○ 1/2 Boost to buy

- Bar-fly @4
○ The publicans know all
○ Like Streetwise: Who, what, where, and how…. Can be useful to know
○ 1/2 Boost to buy

- Friends in the business 6 (8 if trade favors) [Roger’s Oath]

- Thieves and Scum @5 – Roger’s Oath

- Access to rulers, am a diplomat for King Roger

- Fine set of lock-picks and mechanics tools
- including a slender dagger
- Oil powered “minor’s helmet” —> magically lit minor’s helmet
- Leather Armor

- Major: Having a conscience can be burden… turning down specific jobs for The Five carries long term consequences
- Minor: If Ale isn’t the answer, then it’s probably a stupid question
- Minor: Being a GoldenBeard can engender “interesting” reactions from folks


- Is a true Golden Beard
- Is not above hiding his “pedigree” when needed, but normally does not do so, wearing his beard in its natural state.
- Is a drunk, a glutton and a rogue… taking little seriously
- Except for a strong sense of loyalty to the few, right people
- Believes the dwarves brought about their own subjugation, does not believe the stories of the dwarven kingdoms, and has no interest in working for their return
- He scoffs openly at the idea of restoration of the dwarfish kingdoms… sort of an anti-patriot/nationalist….

On his wealth, and ability to keep it
- Is a member of an underground network of non-humans willing to do no-questions-asked for a price. Sometimes called the “Five Kingdoms” more as a joke than anything, the name “The Five” seems to have stuck for those that refer to this network either in seriousness or in jest.
- Other cells are free to take any job they want, but Thurgrim will only personally execute jobs he wants to. Think Mal Reynolds and Firefly… a criminal, but not a thug.
- Has gold and items stashed in multiple locations over the kingdom
- “Bad things” seem to happen to those that will not conduct business in god faith with Thurgrim, or try to take what is his (regardless of what the law says).

On ending up in the Circus of the Stars
- Thurgrim stubborn streak on not taking all jobs (and asking questions) will eventually run out his welcome among The Five. He needs a new gig, and working for the humans seems a clean break. Same work – different clientele.
- Of course he still has “friends” within The Five… most as loyal as Thurgrim has coin, but can still be depended upon to do the job.

On alliance with Isobel
- Akul made contact with “The Five” and contracted Thurgrim to help Isobel escape Fiona’s dungeon.
- A job Thurgrim would be happy to take upon hearing about poor Isobel’s fate.

Thurgrim’s skills
- Thurgrim’s talents lie in fine detail work. Stubby dwarven fingers deftly wield needles and small blades to manufacture jewelry or repair clockwork.
- Sometimes those same tools, can be used to inflict the smallest, and most lethal wounds to upset the “clockwork” of organic “machines”

- Thurgrim will be the bedrock upon which the dwarven kingdoms rightfully claim that which is theirs… all that lies below

Golden Beards

The blonde beard, protruding from under a shaggy mane of dark brown or black hair, is a sight to see. Tales tell of a time that dwarves would affect this look on purpose by bleaching their beards. Royalty, they say…. Who wouldn’t want to be taken as royalty? But there be no royalty among dwarves…. Isn’t now… probably never was. And now rather than use dyes and tinctures to appear with a beard of gold, instead most have the smarts to hide such a distinctive mark. Troublemakers…. Traitors even…. With their talk of Dwarven majesty and underground kingdoms…. It’s not right, it’s against the order of things. Who do they think they are with the high and mighty airs, their *honor*…… honor? Honor is a good day work…. A fine craft…..produce and ye shall be rewarded with yet another hot meal and warm bed. Fine craftsmen they may be, but I’d rather have me smith manned by a dwarf that knows his place, to one who will look down his long crooked nose at me. Tale tell in some places simply being a Golden Beard is enough to get you to the gallows… treasonous acts by nature they say.

Golden Beards tend to be:
- Regal
- Stoic
- Honorable
- Dwarven nationalists, but are usually smart enough to keep that to themselves
- Talented craftsmen
Some think themselves descended from royalty, but most (and pretty much all non-golden beards) think the concept of Dwarven royalty a myth. Even among those who believe in the lineage, most hide their golden beards… few will sport them openly.


Under rock and under stone.
Dwarven warriors welcome home

Within the caves we till the loam
Dwarven farmers in darkness comb

Dwarven shield-maidens tend the home
Dwarven bridegrooms ne’er roam

Bedrock holds
Arches soar
Empires three to end the war

Gold of beard and dark of dome
He calls all dwarf-folk home
Dwarf-folk are coming home


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