The Man Between Two Paths
The Man Not of His Time
The Man of His Age
The outsider who knows no peace
The friend who stands against chaos
The bringer of light who dwells in darkness
The cast aside, and the celebrated
He walks both paths, and neither path
His is the finger that tips the balance

Tarel spent most of his life not fitting in. The son of farmers, he never got along with the other children in his village, as he was always looking towards the horizon, and his head was filled with strange ideas. He longed to make the world better, his head filled with tales of forgotten ages and strange magics. The down-to-earth people of his village had little use for such thoughts, though, and he found little peace there.

At an early age, he left his home and headed towards the nearest city, where again he found himself an outcast. With few friends, he found himself forced to scrabble out a hard life on the streets. Begging, stealing, even a little rough work on occasion kept enough bread in his belly to keep him alive.

Life on the streets taught Tarel to trust nobody but himself – a few very early lessons showed him the results of his better nature. Even the few friends he had were kept at arm’s distance, and a hard life such as his was bound to result in a few enemies.

A bad combination of the wrong man’s daughter, roughing up a few of the wrong people, and a few of his enemies willing to sell him out to those looking for him put him in a position to leave town. His years on the streets had taught him a little bladework, and a lot of staying alive. He signed on with the Circus of the Stars as a way to get out of town quickly, and has been doing odd manual work for them since, not realizing their actual mission.


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