Clare Covington ("Purity Lander")

Mask: Positioned as the secret lover and partner of Drake


Purity is a minor local merchant in Wakefield. She deals in gemstones from a single establishment. You would ignore her…except that she is connected with Drake.

You know almost nothing about her. She lead people to Drake’s set-up house. She is involved with his missions. Other than that…

Oh, and she has not been observed to have left town after the explosion under the bedroom that she shared with Drake. She has not been seen since, in fact.

In truth

Another member of Dragon’s Dream. She is certainly alive. She was watching as Delilah reset the trap. She killed a fence that was getting uppity, placed his body, then pulled the trapdoor open with a rope out the window, setting off the trap.

She had already cleared out the good stuff, and was happy to let the rest die in a fire. It’s just money.

Clare Covington ("Purity Lander")

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