Lady Fiona Melving

A cynical and ruthless noblewoman who's quickly becoming a power player in Dorset and surrounding regions.


Born the youngest daughter of Lord Olsin Melving, with two older brothers (William and Craig) and an older sister Arabella Lady Fiona came into the world at the bottom of a noble house far diminished from it’s ancient glory; now scarcely holding more land than many of the up-and-coming yeoman farmers nearby. It has been her life’s work to change that.

These efforts have been a long time coming. At the age of 13, Fiona was promised to Walter Bronson the dimwitted bastard offspring of an even less prestigious house than that of house Melving (so low were The Bronsons that Olsin insisted that Fiona keep her Surname). Fiona was from her youth and instigator, always asking uncomfortable questions at the worst of times and constantly meddling with her siblings lives. “Why were you and that lady in the bushes Craig?” “Father, Bella’s been running around with the common folk again!” and so on. Eventually, her eldest brother tired of it, and engineered the throwaway marriage and suggested it to their father: his young, beautiful precocious daughter with a man who likely bore some kinship to both swine and lice, and matched them in intellect (although to call Walter’s intellect swine like is an insult to good hogs everywhere).

Throughout it all, Williame was there for her. Born only 11 months apart, Williame and Fiona were inseparable playing Roger and the Bandit Queen in the forest surrounding the family estate and always covering for each other in their constant pranks on the other members of their household. As they got older, they stood beside each other in the intimately local but no less cutthroat politics of the rural nobility, with William always ready to stand up for his sister’s honor, with a writ from his father in one hand and a sword in the other. And Fiona, brighter than even her admittedly sharp brother, was always there to save him from the worst results of his reckless bravado (at least, until Isobel came along).

It was on Fiona’s 16th birthday, a fortnight from her wedding to Walter that her older brother had had all he could take of Craig’s posturing and snide insinuations. Quietly, as Fiona let gush her worries about the wedding and her disgust at the horrible excuse for a nobleman she was to marry, Williame proposed to challenge Craig, the veteran of hundreds of duels to a challenge at the lists to get him to hold his tongue. To call him out as a stain upon the family line. A challenge to the death. This was too bold, even for Williame.

So Fiona had to think quickly, and the action she took that fateful day would pave the road to the ruthless power-broker she would later become.

Stay tuned for more. Mature Content Warning includes:

Bloody Violence
Innocence Lost
Noble Scheming
More Betrayal
Ooooh! Betrayal
Repulsion at the gross desperation of the common folk
Forced Marriage

Hope you guys like it.

Lady Fiona Melving

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