Carwen Gyl Cwyndde ("Fisk")

Mask: Race rebel. Striking for equality, but only when possible.


Fisk is running some sort of secret organization attempting to establish reasonable race relations. Or, rather, race relations that are so bizarre as to be unimaginable by nearly everyone. He proposes that people are different but similar, and should be treated according to individual differences, rather than according to their family.

This is a bizarre concept, so foreign as to be unintelligible to most people. But he pushes for it anyway.

He is a half-elf that pretty much always passes for Human. He uses this to cross the boundaries of both worlds.

In truth

Carwen Gyl Cwyndde is the most direct face character for Dragon’s Dream when they are performing cross-race relations. He is a dreamer with a really weird sense of justice. But he is also an inspiring speaker and some of his audience can start to see the possibility of his dreams.

Carwen Gyl Cwyndde ("Fisk")

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