Large green eyes, long hair the color of weak honey, done up in an elaborate chignon. Eirlys is an elven collector of knowledge. To those she owes loyalty to, she is helpful and kind, but always somewhat aloof.


Toughness: 2 Stamina: 2 Will: 3 (Boost) Actions: 2


-Maybe if I Make You Angry Enough @6: Eirlys’s comprehensive knowledge of many subjects has left her with plenty ideas of exactly what insults can send a foe into a blind rage. D: Mishap; A: Lesser Area Effect

-Split the Arrow @4: Eirlys is extremely accurate with a bow, thanks to traveling on her own and having an archer for a father. She’s very accurate, but not terribly strong (high scoring hits are more likely to pierce critical areas than have a lot of force)

Shticks (@5):

-I Think I Read That Somewhere (@6 Boost): Eirlys has a wide breadth of knowledge trivial and important. When something comes up, she’s probably got some little piece of information about it.

-This Is Just Like That…: Eirlys probably knows a historical example of almost any situation or conundrum; she may be able to engineer solutions based on analogy and extrapolation.

-I’m Good at Finding Needles in Haystacks: Eirlys has a keen eye for what she’s looking for; if there’s a library full of books, and she needs one small piece of information out of one, she has an uncanny ability to locate that one piece of information.

-Fear is the Mind-Killer: Eirlys is pretty unfazed by most things.

-I Would’ve Made a Good Bartender (@6 Boost): Despite being emotionally aloof from those she spends a lot of time with, Eirlys is good at talking to strangers and good at getting their stories out of them.

-So You Need a Document: Having studied so many different documents and scripts, Eirlys has picked up a good skill for forgery

New Combat @4, Shticks @5

Complications (4 minor):

They Call Me the Ice Princess: Eirlys’s aloofness can be offputting to those around her.

Wait, Did I Eat Lunch?: When Eirlys becomes absorbed in a new story or piece of information, she tends to lose track of the world around her. This might include chronicling battles rather than participating in them immediately.

Nobody Likes a Know-it-All: Eirlys lacks the social cues to know when to shut up or let someone else be right (even if they’re wrong). She’s heard the saying that discretion is the better part of valor, but she hasn’t learned to apply it to herself.

I Don’t Like Your Kind: Eirlys tries to tolerate humans, especially outwardly, but sometimes her righteous anger gets the better of her. She prefers the company of other non-humans.

2 Remaining boosts will be spent on perks, contacts, favors, or reputation


Eirlys has an insatiable curiosity and drive to know things. Her parents were wealthy-ish elves in London. They were friendly with the humans around them, but quietly bitter about the treatment of non-human races. Her father had served in the military, while her mother was a bard of minor renown. From her, Eirlys learned a love of lanuages, learning, and stories.

Some time ago, Eirlys set out on her own and eventually joined the Circus of the Moon as a storyteller. The circus allows Eirlys to travel freely and acquire new knowledge and lore. Quietly, she works to improve the plight of non-humans and dreams of elevating the elves and other non-humans above their current stations in life.

Eirlys is aloof, calm, curious, blunt, free-spirited, somewhat pensive, unflappable, and a bit zealous when it comes to non-human rights. She has a large tattoo of a tree across her back; the tree’s branches spread up to her shoulders and curl around her ribs, while the trunk flows down into Eirlys’s spine. Around the trunk is curled a banner that reads: “What once was lost can always be found again.”

Notable quotes: “What once was lost can always be found again”; “The trees of oppression bear poisonous fruit”; “History, like most of the bards I’ve known, tends to repeat itself”; “I don’t know – but I’ll learn”


Eirlys’s parents are still very supportive of her. She doesn’t see them that much because of all the traveling she does, but she knows she can depend on them without question.

Master Alwyn: A kindly elf scholar who helped Eirlys with her studies and helped foster her love of history and learning new things.

Meryl: a childhood friend who now works as a cobbler in London


Chrianwyn: Eirlys and Chrianwyn attended college together in London. Chria and Eirlys were always very competitive with one another; this was not helped by Baron, a human lad at the same college, falling in love with Eirlys, who neither noticed nor returned the interest. Chria was deeply infatuated with Baron, however. One day Baron, determined to show off for Eirlys, climbed to the rooftop of the college chapel. Eirlys sighed and told him to get down, but he only grew more reckless – and fell to his death below. Chria took his death hard (in her own way, Eirlys did as well) and has never forgiven Eirlys – she blames her for Baron’s death. Chria works as a scribe in a noble’s house (who/where up to GM/story)


None of any note. Eirlys has let some court her, but no one’s ever been able to wrest her attention away from whatever intellectual pursuit was her favorite at the time. Eirlys has the potential to fall (and hard) over some sort of Elven freedom fighter/idealist.


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