Avery Covington ("Drake Osbert")

Mask: Positioned as evil spy instigating the race riots


Spy operating in Wakefield (and nearby cities) for a foreign power. Documents point to either Norfolk (if you believe what is in the safe) or basically everyone (if you believe what is in the safe room).

In either case, he seems to be instigating a race riot. The purpose is to distract the biggest armies and take advantage of the confusion. Perhaps for some assassinations of kings, perhaps for some conquest or perhaps for something else. He does not seem to be above the destruction of grain or grain stores in an attempt to raise this chaos.

Drake has also made 3 expensive purchases from Canterbury which did not move large amounts of mass (did not require drayage). It is unknown what these shipments contained.

Drake has a secret love affair with Purity Lander.

Drake’s motives remain unclear. In particular, it seems that he intentionally exposed some of his minor plans to people just to see what happened. He is either a stupid spy, has a death wish, or is playing some deeper game.

In truth

Part of Dragon’s Dream crew. Actively recruiting the players. Real name is Avery Covington. Clare Covington is playing Purity Lander; they were not willing to be separated while playing characters, so set up the secret love affair.

The whole plot is true, but is being run by someone else. They don’t know who. So they are using the PCs as cat’s paws, combining recruiting with a safer way to accomplish a mission.

Avery Covington ("Drake Osbert")

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