Anthony Connor

A casualty of the Night of Fire trying to come to terms with his untimely death.


Anthony William Connor
Unique Template (Ghost)

Drive:To see his cousin Dace Connor claim leadership of house Connor, and to come to terms with his death.

Description:Of middling height with a shaggy head of curly black hair and bright blue-grey eyes Anthony bears a strong family resemblance to his cousin Dace at first glance, an impression that is quickly remedied by watching him for a few moments. Where Dace moves with the athletic surety of a warrior or hunter, Anthony does everything like he’s not entirely comfortable in his own skin; in hesitations and starts. Where Dace’s frame is corded with muscle from long hours spent in the fencing yard and on the archery range, Anthony’s is thin and his hands are soft. What they do share is a forthrightness and sincerity of speech and expression. When Anthony does speak, you know that he means it, and when he smiles or laughs he does it with his entire body, not just his face.

Death has done little to change Anthony’s outward appearance, except that now he’s always clad in the clothing he was wearing when he died: ragged house Connor doublet stained with smoke with a fine linen tunic beneath.

His true form is considerably less pleasant: his entire form perpetually smoking and dripping molten fat, his flesh a mix of black char and brutally exposed bone, his eye sockets gently glowing cinders surrounded on all sides by deep thorn-carved furrows. Few ever see this side of Anthony, but when they do it’s either because they possess sufficient mystical power to see through his mask, or because things are about to go very, very badly for them.


Powers (New Powers Start At 6)

Impeccable Etiquette6: The scion of an esteemed noble house, Anthony has been molded from birth into the image of the perfect noble gentleman. Grace, tact, subtlety, diplomacy, and the navigation of a thousand ever-changing societal standards regarding what’s expected of a Norwich noble come to him as easily as swimming does to a fish.

Death Marks 6 ( Lesser Area of Effect A): Anthony normally looks like he did in life, a handsome if slightly curly-haired lad dressed in the livery of clan Connor. Under stress though, or when he’s facing down someone who offends his sense of justice, that glamour fades and observers are faced with a semi-skeletal smoking horror, coated in charred flesh and dripping liquified fat. Needless to say, this makes an impression on people, and can actually scare someone to death.

Lurking Shade 7 (Movement) (Limited D: Not against the very young, those near death, the mentally ill, the mystically gifted, or animals): Anthony is out of phase with the material world, and can vanish from sight with an act of will. Those naturally attuned to the spirit world, or who don’t have the natural blinders (or “weirdness censor”) that keep many from seeing ghosts however, can see Anthony no matter how he tries to hide.

Intangible 7 (Automatic Defense) (Limited D: Not against cold iron, salt, magical weapons, weapons blessed by a priest, or fire). Anthony is incorporeal and very difficult to harm with most physical attacks. Iron and salt can still harm him, disrupting the magical forces that bind him to this earth, the miracles and spells of priests and magicians ignore his incorporeal nature, and most importantly as the thing that spelled his end, fire of any sort burns him just as it burns mortals.

Schticks (Start at 3)

Unfinished Business 5: Anthony has an innate sense of why his spirit is trapped in between worlds, and is drawn to people, places, and situations that might lead to his Cousin assuming the lairdship of house Connor and his death being made right, often unconsciously.

What The Dead Know5: Anthony can see other restless shades, and the spirits of the newly dead. What’s more, he can interact with other spirits as if both he and them were corporeal, which gives him a leg up in negotiating with (and fighting) other shades.

I Know House Connor Like The Back of My Hand 7: Anthony is a minor scion of the Connor clan, but has always been a friendly and conscientious sort, willing to share an ear or a shoulder with any of his kinsfolk who needed it. As a result, he’s remarkably well informed about the people of House Connor, and the clans inner workings.

The Haunting 6 (Side Effects D): Anthony is no poltergeist (at least, not yet) but when riled or annoyed can manifest eerie and inexplicable happenings in his immediate vicinity to unnerve, send messages, or manipulate small objects. (Think cold spots, things getting “misplaced”, scrawled messages on the walls, door knobs turning by themselves, animals getting spooked etc.)

Boosts and Exp: Anthony has 6 Boosts on him, and started with 3 bonus boosts as per the Unique template that don’t count for purposes of determining xp costs. He has 8 Xp remaining (one Boost’s worth) that I’ll save for a cool Ghostly power or something…

Restrictions: (3 Minor Restrictions bundled into one)

Anthony can’t physically manipulate anything corporeal with his own power, although he’s capable of some crude manipulation with The Haunting.

Anthony is bound to his charred remains, and can’t move beyond the general vicinity of their location (about a one block radius from their location).

Harming his remains harms him as well (treat as Tired), and destroying them completely with fire and salt banishes him from the mortal world entirely unless he’s made a different object or person his anchor. Anthony can only have one anchor at a time, and the bonding process is outside of his direct control-it’s dependent on a strong and mostly unconscious emotional connection.


Anthony Connor

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