Anyone want to borrow an Army?

Sent from Dalton of Move Yer Ass to The Spymaster

Hey boss, you want another Army? See the attached codes.

Subtlety and Tact were in town. Thanks for the warning by the way. And next time, warn us to supply even more explosives. These people are downright out of control, but on our side.

I won’t claim to know how (ask the Henbane bitch; she always seems to know what’s up, though she rarely bothers to tell anyone but her sisters), but S&T got their hands on the full set of code books, codes, plans, and contingency plans for each of the mercenary companies hired by Clan McKenzie.

Until they hear that McKenzie is dead (I assume that will happen soon – I don’t see any other way to cover this up) or the money runs out, you should be able to direct any of these companies to execute any of the plans you want. This includes both conquest and defense plans for most of the capitals & several important strategic sites. It also includes movement plans and a number of other maneuvers. You should be able to remotely command the troops to do as you please – that appears to have been the McKenzie plan.

That’s over 5000 mercenaries for you and the King to do with as you please. Enjoy!

And you say I never got you anything.



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